Small business owners often ask me if I know of any good, inexpensive printers that do short or medium runs, who you can email or FTP files to. While I know of several, until recently I couldn’t vouch for any one of them personally. (My clients typically handle printing themselves.) However my spouse, Kenny, who is the chief marketing and technology officer for a small but growing technology business and frequently needs to print all sorts of materials in various quantities, has a good deal of experience in this area. So I asked him his picks.

Here is who Kenny recommends. (NOTE: Comments are Kenny’s not mine.)

PsPrint — excellent online features for ordering and management of work in progress; also very good prices, if you use their sizes and options.

PrintingForLess — very customer service oriented.
VistaPrint — excellent and inexpensive. I’ve used them for letterhead and also business cards.

I’ve been using Copyprint for marketing slicks (short runs). Also inexpensive and great quality.

Back to me… You can also check out — SHAMELESS PLUG — Rainbow Press, which is run by my boss at Jupitermedia/JupiterWeb and his wife.

And if any of you have any other printers you would like me to add to the list, let me know!  (Just post a comment, so others can benefit immediately.)

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