Posted on December 12, 2006
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I love learning about easy things I can do to improve my website and to improve the chances of my site being found online. And I have found that most (if not all) small business owners feel the same way. So I was delighted to get an assignment about what small businesses can do to maximize their chances of being found by those mysterious search engine spiders naturally — that is, without having to spend a dime on Internet marketing or advertising.

The result, which appeared on yesterday (December 11th), is an article my editor titled “DIY SEO: Four Rules for High Rankings.” I highly recommend you check it out. (It’s pretty short.)

For the article, I spoke with Jason Baer, the senior director of Mighty Interactive, which recently re-launched its website for search engine optimization (SEO). During our conversation Jason revealed the four things that web-based businesses need to do to get those all-important high rankings on the major search engines.

For those of you too crunched for time just now to read the article, the four rules for getting high rankings are:

Rule #1: Pick Specific Search Terms

Rule #2: Minimize Flash and Graphics… Maximize Your Site Map

Rule #3: Write Great Copy With Relevant Search Terms

Rule #4: Get Links

Do you have tips or tricks you’ve used to optimize search engine rankings that you’d like to share? Let me know. As for me, I am definitely planning on following these rules as I reprogram my website.

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