This may seem obvious, but I cannot tell you the number of times that both professionally and personally I have run into a situation where I responded to an email offer or press release, almost immediately, only to a) not get a response to my response; b) be told the thing being offered was no longer available; or c) that I would have to wait several days or weeks for the item or service or person in question.

 Not good business.

 And you can be sure that unless forced to, I will not soon do business with that company or person again.

As a general rule of thumb, I advise my clients not to send out a press release or offer/teaser email to customers or prospective customers unless they know they have the goods — and the people — to back up what they promise. Similarly, I make it a habit to not take on work (i.e., agree to do a project or job) unless I know I can meet the project deadlines and provide the skills or expertise the client is looking for.

Do you like when people/companies don’t keep their word? Well, your customers don’t like it either. And when you offer a product or service or make a commitment you cannot deliver upon, you risk alienating your customers/clients, which is never good for business.

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