Posted on May 15, 2008
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E-mail marketing has become so easy and relatively inexpensive that anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can create a campaign. But not all e-mail campaigns are created equal or are equally successful.

To find out what small business owners can do to increase the open and click-through rates of their emails and email campaigns, I spoke with Suzanne Norman, the director of community relations at Emma, the Web-based email marketing and communications service that helps users create customized email marketing campaigns.

Per Norman, a successful email creates “a one-on-one conversation that engages readers and builds trust.” It also needs to be relevant, which means knowing what your subscribers are interested in, and it has to strike the right balance between content and image, and not overwhelm readers or their e-mail servers.

To read Norman and Emma’s top tips¬†for creating click-worthy emails and email campaigns, read my article “Eight Tips for a Clickable E-Mail Marketing Campaign.”

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