Posted on June 27, 2008
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I just saw this article called “Writing for the Web — and Getting It Read” on InternetNews.com and thought I’d share. (The piece is pretty short, so won’t take long to read.)

The author, who interviewed a user experience specialist about the differences between writing for the Web and writing for print publications, such as a newspaper or magazine, makes some good points, which can help you fine tune your online prose and attract more traffic to your site.

Some other tips to improve your online copy — and get it read:

* Know who your primary audience is and write primarily to them, style- and content-wise.

* Keep headlines and subheads short and to the point, using keywords where and when appropriate (i.e., strategically)

* Keep copy short and punchy as people tend to skim when reading online.

* Use active words (verbs) and write in the present tense.

* Have your copy tell a compelling story that will get readers wanting — and clicking for — more.

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