Posted on August 9, 2008
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For years now I have heard (and written) about how small business owners were using¬†Facebook as a tool to drum up or help business. But I resisted. While I see the value in using (or exploiting) Facebook if your business happens to cater to or target teens and twentysomethings, I saw (and still see) limited or no use for a well-over-twentysomething business communications professional like myself, or really anyone selling a somewhat stodgy service or non-hip product, garnering much interest or business from the social networking site. But I am willing — happy even — to be proven wrong.

Full disclosure: I did not decide to join Facebook for business purposes, or so I could blog about it. No. The reason I joined is that a good friend of mine recently joined and posted some interesting sounding pictures of her renovation project, which could only be viewed by fellow Facebookers.

Despite the allure of intriguing renovation photos,¬†I initially resisted joining Facebook because I felt too old and un-hip. But as anyone who has ever watched “Star Trek: The Next Generation” knows, resistance is futile (whether you are dealing with Facebook or the Borg). If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? So I joined. And I invite anyone reading this to look me up — and feel free to give me advice about my (so far pretty sparse and boring) Facebook page. (And no, I do not plan on posting any bikini pictures.)

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