Posted on November 4, 2008
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Despite the recent, sharp downtown in the economy, many experts say now is not the time to cut back on search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO). In fact, with online shoppers saying they plan on cutting back on spending this holiday season, now may be the perfect time for you to optimize your site to attract every prospective customer you can and keep your current customers coming back for more. Best of all, optimizing your site, giving it a pre-holiday facelift, needn’t be expensive or time consuming. And the return on your investment could (and should) more than offset the cost.

Just talk to Sherry Comes, the founder and CEO of, and she will tell you that if she knew a year ago what she knows now, that redesigning to make it more attractive to the major search engines and to prospective customers would increase sales by more than 50 percent (over the previous year) almost instantly, she would have done it a year ago.

Yet Comes, who is no stranger to technology (as the CTO of a Fortune 500 company in a parallel life), put off redesigning her site for years 13, to be exact.

To learn more about’s SEO-focused redesign and get some great time- and money-saving tips on how you can optimize and freshen up your site to attract more search engine traffic, visitors, and sales this holiday season (and long after), check out my article, “Incorporating Site Optimization into Your Redesign,” in

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