If you own or manage an online store, I encourage you to read my latest article, “The 12 E-Commerce Tips of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,” which appears in Ecommerce-Guide.com.

As I wrote in the article, the news this holiday season isn’t all bad, at least for e-tailers. According to a recent survey conducted by the e-tailing group, this holiday season more shoppers plan to do their gift buying online instead of in stores. That said, though, this year’s holiday shoppers are more discerning than in years past, looking for convenience, value and time savings (though not necessarily the least expensive price tag).

So to help you get a piece of the online sales action this holiday season, I interviewed several e-marketing experts and online business owners to come up with their top 12 tips. Some of them, you may already be doing; the rest, well, now may be the time to start. (I particularly liked the tips about using mobile marketing, #4, and sharing the e-commerce love, #12.)

If you have additional tips you’d like to share, just leave me a comment.

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