Posted on March 5, 2009
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Raise your hands if you have gone onto Facebook or LinkedIn or sent an instant message to a friend or sent a Tweet while at work. Okay, I think that’s pretty much everybody. (You may now put down your hands.)

While using social media and instant messaging (IM) services is commonplace these days, their use is posing a big problem for businesses, especially for companies that need to preserve all electronic communication in the event of a lawsuit. So what’s a business owner or manager to do? First off, read my new article titled “Social Media — The Next Smoking Gun” on, the Web’s leading site for all things having to do with managing and storing electronic data.

In the article, I interview CA’s senior vice president and general manager of Information Governance, Galina Datskovsky, who is an expert on social media in the workplace — who reminds us that it was not that long ago that companies were wringing their hands about the use of e-mail in the workplace.

“I had one attorney friend who said to me, ‘I will never allow e-mail in here. They can just fax me the stuff,'” she said. Some 10 years later, this same attorney friend walks around with a BlackBerry.

So what is the key to managing the social media and instant networking tsunami? It’s not to bury your head in the sand and ignore the problem, she said, but rather to think about the implications of social media from a security, privacy, productivity and bandwidth point of view and create policies around its use.

To read what Datskovsky had to say and learn what you can do to control social media and instant networking in the workplace, read my article, “Social Media — The Next Smoking Gun.”

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