Posted on March 9, 2012
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More small businesses are using video to help sell their product or service. But does having a great video — one with thousands or millions of hits on YouTube — translate (or convert) into great sales?

On a related note, are you more likely to buy a product or service if you like the video?

Let’s take, for example, this brilliant YouTube video for Dollar Shave Club:

I love this video ad — and it did make me go to, which has a very attractive, easy-to-use e-commerce site. Another big plus. So, will I subscribe? Would you, based on the YouTube video?

Let me know what you think about the Dollar Shave Club video, and if it caused you to subscribe — and your thoughts on whether a great video can generate great sales numbers. I am particularly interested to hear from business owners as I’m planning on writing a feature article on this topic and could use sources.

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Mike Darnell on 17 March, 2012 at 9:27 am #

Hi Jennifer,
I’d like to start with a disclaimer – I’m a member of the team at – We’re the leading platform for automated ecommerce videos (see us on Walmart, Olay, Ice, …)

Video does indeed drive sales – and in a big way. We’ve many case studies we’ve run with our clients over the years to back up this claim (see our blog at

We’re SO confident in video’s ROI for etailers that we give a 4*ROI guarantee (= we promise you 4 times your investment in returns).

The issues with video aren’t so much the returns but rather:
1) Scalability – A serious issue etailers face is scaling video up to cover their full catalog – doing production, or even self made videos for thousands of hundreds and thousands of products is nearly impossible .

2) Dynamic updating – When running an online shop one is constantly tweaking existing products and adding new ones. A serious video solution needs to be able to address this by adapting the videos to match the changes to the site.

3) Measurement of ROI – ecommerce pros need to be able to correlate between their video investment, and their ROI. They require some form of analytics suite that allows them to track how their videos are driving sales.

I hope this is of value, and I’m happy to provide you with further materials for your post : )


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