Posted on July 24, 2012
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I love when I receive a thank-you note or gift from a happy client or vendor. And I know I am not alone.

Indeed, a while back when I asked small business owners how they encourage customer loyalty and get customers to continue to purchase from them, among the top responses I received was “I send them thank-you notes” and “I offer them a 20 percent discount or gift for making another purchase or referring a friend.”

So when I started up my e-tail business, Prepster Pineapple Clothing & Accessories, I created custom Prepster Pineapple note cards, to thank each customer who ordered a shirt. (I also plan to offer discounts on future purchases and for referrals.)

And while thanking your customers is a great way to engender loyalty, I believe it’s also important to thank your vendors and partners, the businesses (many of them small businesses) who help make your business possible. So…

Thank you to Enterline Design for the outstanding logo and design work.

Thank you to Shoreline for doing such a great job with the embroidery on my Prepster Pineapple polo shirts and for the excellent screen work on my Prepster Pineapple t-shirts.

Thank you to Custom Couture Label for weaving my Prepster Pineapple private labels. You did a beautiful job.

Thank you to Universal Tag for creating the best-looking (and possibly only) die-cut pineapple hang tag I’ve ever seen.

Thank you to BigCommerce for your terrific (and easy to use) shopping cart software.

And thank you to BC Mod Squad for designing and coding the Prepster Pineapple ecommerce site. You guys rock!

So, have you thanked your customers and vendors today? If not, take a minute to do so.

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