Posted on December 20, 2013
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ecommerce_iconFor small business owners, January is often a blessing and a curse. While you get to (hopefully) relax a bit after the Christmas rush (a blessing), you don’t want to have too much downtime, i.e., a big drop-off in sales (the post-Christmas curse). So how do you keep customers coming to your ecommerce or bricks-and-mortar store — and keep the cash register ringing — after Christmas and avoid the January doldrums?

I put that question to dozens of small business owners, ecommerce, and marketing experts. Following are their 12 best tips for boosting post-holiday sales — some of which you should start implementing NOW (as in before Christmas or Kwanzaa).

1. Include a discount coupon or gift card for a January purchase with items sold in December.

2. Keep holiday marketing efforts going until the end of the year.

3. Thank holiday shoppers and loyal customers with post-holiday special deals or savings.

4. Run a fun post-holiday contest.

5. Follow up with customers who have clicked on “this is a gift.”

6. Recoup sales from abandoned shopping carts.

7. Keep the deals coming with special January promotions and discounts.

8. Use social media.

9. Bump up your remarketing efforts.

10. Launch a new product or service.

11. Target and reward mobile shoppers.

12. Think globally.

For a detailed explanation of each tip, click on my article, “12 Tips to Boost Post-Holiday Sales.”

Wishing all my fellow small business owners a prosperous new year…

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