Posted on May 12, 2015
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ecommerce_iconIn today’s super competitive, I-want-it-now mobile world, you only have a few minutes (or seconds) to engage online shoppers. And if your site isn’t mobile friendly, considered trustworthy or a dozen other things online shoppers deem important, that potential customer will go elsewhere.

So what steps can small business owners to ensure their ecommerce websites aren’t costing them customers? Here are 12 things to watch out for.

1. Your site isn’t mobile friendly.

2. Your site is too slow.

3. You site is clogged with banners and ads.

4. Visitors don’t feel your site is safe or trustworthy.

5. Your site is difficult to navigate.

6. Your photos sucks.

7. Your copy is boring or difficult to understand.

8. Customers consider your shipping too expensive.

9. Checking out is a pain.

10. Help and contact info are hard to find (or don’t exist).

11. You bombard customers with email.

12. You don’t engage with customers on social media or don’t have a social media presence.

For detailed explanations and remedies, read my article “12 easy ways to lose your ecommerce customers” on

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Ron Yates on 13 October, 2016 at 1:05 pm #

Excellent info Jennifer!

I also wanted to mention two more important factors:

1) Professionalism of Design
Some call this “production quality”.
If the site doesn’t look professional then customers won’t think the goods or services offered on the site are professional. Who wants to deal with an amateur, or someone not serious enough to have a professional looking website.

2) Compelling Unique Value Proposition
Immediately, the visitor should know if this site is for him/her.
What does this site specialize it?
How will that benefit me?

If both of these things are immediately seen then the visitor will click the back button and go visit another site.

That’s my .02. Thanks for letting me share!


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