Posted on September 28, 2006
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Here is a troubling statistic from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit consumer information and advocacy organization: Since February 2005, the data records of more than 93 million U.S. residents have been exposed due to security breaches. Although the more well-known breaches — ChoicePoint, Bank of America — were at large companies and institutions, many of these breaches occurred at small businesses, the result of hacking and/or someone’s laptop being stolen.

Companies of all sizes need to take precautions to keep customer data safe and secure, but how much security is enough? Does the size of your business matter (NO!), and what is an organization’s responsibilities regarding its customers’ privacy? (You need to have a privacy policy posted!)

I recently spoke to several experts to learn what steps small business owners can take to ensure that they’re in compliance with the latest privacy laws and how they can protect their business — and their customers — in the event of a security breach.

Here are the links to my two-part article on the subject, which contains great, easy-to-implement tips and advice as well as a helpful list of resources: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Be safe and prosper…

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