Posted on October 3, 2006
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So my spouse, Kenny, who is CMO/CTO at a rapidly growing (but still small) tech company here in Connecticut, is always looking for great, untapped talent that he can get at a good price. By “untapped” I mean not fully utilized in a previous job — a “diamond in the rough,” if you will — or someone with great skills who has been out of work for a while or maybe used his or her skills in a different profession. (Kenny has had great luck repurposing musicians, who are often very tech savvy.)

While Kenny has posted on Monster.com and other job boards, he has hit gold with craigslist.org. Yes, I know some of you may be thinking, what’s so hot or new about that? But I have to say, craigslist has really delivered, not just for Kenny but for lots of small businesses. You can check out the stats on job board effectiveness and what you get for your money by clicking here. And at $0 for a classified in most markets and only $25 for a classified in New York City, craiglist is not only more effective but a lot cheaper than the competition. Small businesses take note!

I’ve also heard a lot of positive things from tech people about Dice.com, which is a site geared to technology professionals and employers. And, surprise!, I found yet another job board comparison, this one done by Harris Interactive, which just happened to happened to favor Dice in the tech arena. However, with 30-day postings starting at $429, Dice isn’t cheap.

There are also new niche job sites cropping up online, many started by blogs, which are aimed at specific audiences. You can read more about them by reading this article from RedHerring.

Lastly, SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT, I wanted to share with you a very cool (relatively) new job search engine, Indeed.com. Think of it as the Google of job search. I recently had a chance to chat with the CEO of Indeed.com, a very smart, very savvy fellow by the name of Paul Forster, and he impressed me. Indeed.com recently launched the first pay-per-click classified advertising network and is currently beta testing a new salary tool, Indeed Salary Search, which should prove very helpful to businesses of all sizes as well as to job seekers. You can find out more about these services by going to Indeed.com’s blog. Also, I know Paul is very interested in getting feedback on Indeed Salary Search. 

That’s it for this posting. If you have any thoughts on great places for small businesses to find qualified candidates at a good price, let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

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