Posted on December 5, 2006
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There comes a time in every solo or small business owner’s professional life when you say to yourself, I need to take this business to the next level — whatever that might be. Most of us, however, procrastinate. Maybe it’s because we are so busy with the work we have that we don’t make the time to do the extra work to get more work. Maybe it’s because some part of us is afraid of taking risks. Or maybe it’s because even though we’d like get more work or better work, we fall back on the “good enough” couch and get too cozy with the way things are.

This fall as some of you know, I decided to get off the couch, take a risk, and stop procrastinating — and hired a professional design company, Logoworks, to redesign my website, to make it look and feel more professional. In the process, I wound up getting a new logo, new letterhead, new envelopes — and a new attitude. Coincidentally, I have also gotten A LOT more work, even though I have yet to re-launch my site.

Which brings me to my main point:  The real key to kicking it up a notch is attitude. Yeah, there are a lot of other elements involved, but your head and heart have got to be in the right place first. In my case, I made a New Year’s resolution going into 2006 to get at least one new really good client, which meant networking, putting myself out there more, being more open to opportunities, and trying to create good word of mouth. And it’s working.

So if you want to kick your business up a notch, my advice is to start thinking on the next level. To be new age-y about it, visualize yourself at that next level and then make a mental (or physical) map to get there.

Btw, since many of you have asked about my new website, here are design drafts of the home page and a sample sub page: 

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