Posted on July 8, 2008
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Figuring out how to successfully market products and/or services in one channel, be it retail, the Internet, or a catalog, is always a challenge, especially if you are a small or mid-sized business. Marketing your business across two or more channels, however, can be two or three times as challenging and can cost you customers and revenue if you don’t do it properly.

So to help small and mid-sized business owners develop or refine their multi-channel strategy, I (on behalf of Ecommerce-Guide.com) spoke with two small but very successful multi-channel businesses as well as several multi-channel marketing experts.

While not exhaustive (people hold two-day seminars on this topic), the article is a good starting point, filled with some great examples and helpful advice, for small and mid-sized businesses who want or need to work on their multi-channel strategy.

A couple of quick tips from the article:

* Create a larger branding story that tells the same story whether someone is shopping in your store, visiting your website, or looking at your catalog.

* Make it easy for customers to find your products regardless of which channel they are using.

For more great tips, go to “How to Create a Successful Multi-Channel Experience.”

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