Posted on September 15, 2008
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Over dinner during a bike trip this summer, our tour guide mentioned that his “real” job was helping his mother run the family business, a small publishing company aimed at parents who home-schooled their children. As we talked some more, the young man mentioned that while the company sold books through its own website, a lot of its sales came through Amazon, which not only sold the books but printed and shipped them, too.

Always on the prowl for interesting small business stories, I wondered if there were many small and mid-size businesses out there that not only had their own e-commerce site but sold on or through Amazon, too (as opposed to companies that just sold on Amazon, or on Amazon and eBay).

As it turns out, there are thousands of companies just like my publisher friend who are using Amazon as a sales channel. And I heard from around a dozen of them, some of them, you would think, would not need or want to sell on Amazon, yet consider it an important part of their sales and marketing strategy.

If you’ve ever thought about selling on Amazon, particularly as a secondary sales channel, check out my article “If You Can’t Beat Amazon, Maybe You Should Join It,” which is featured in today’s In the article, I list many of the advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon, gleaned from conversations with entrepreneurs like yourselves.

I also “Dugg” the article on Digg. So if you find the article useful, and I hope you do, click here and “Digg” it yourself — and feel free to share it with a business owner you know who is considering selling on Amazon.

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