Like just about every online retailer trying to attract more online shoppers and generate more sales,, which sells new, used and custom logo golf balls as well as golf clubs and golf apparel, lists its products on several comparison shopping engines and does its share of online marketing (including using Google AdWords).

But said Steven Broussard,’s director of marketing and e-commerce, when it comes to a return on your investment, you can’t beat Google Product Search. “Google Product Search performs better in comparison to the other comparison shopping engines,” he said. “All of the engines we use send us qualified leads; however, Google Product Search sends us more.”

When I asked Broussard if there was a downside to listing products on Google Product Search, he couldn’t think of one. “A, it’s free; B, it’s Google; and C, it’s free,” he said. “So any conversion that you may get is going to be a positive ROI [return on your investment], because it’s not costing you anything, with the exception of [the time spent on creating] the feed itself. So I can’t really think of a downside. The only thing I can say is why haven’t you done it already?” 

To learn more about Google Product Search, how it can help your business attract new customers, get you better rankings on Google’s main search engine, and read Google’s Top Five Tips for increasing your online holiday sales this season, check out my article, “Find Holiday Profits with Revamped Google Product Search.”

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