Words — choosing and using the right words to convey an idea, sell a product, or promote a concept — are very important to me as a writer and marketing communications pro. But they should be important to every business owner, no matter the size of your business or marketing budget.

So when I was recently asked to contribute a guest post on a great site for entrepreneurs and small and mid-size business owners called The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, run by serial entrepreneur and author Mike Michalowicz, I knew what I had to write about: the importance of good writing in marketing and promoting your business and/or website.

You can find my post, titled “The Five Secrets to Creating Great Copy: How the Right Words Can Increase Traffic and Sales” on The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s blog by clicking on the link/title of the post. And while you are there, check out Mike’s other posts, as well as his guest bloggers’ posts, for other great tips and ideas.

And speaking of helpful tips, ideas, and resources for entrepreneurs and small and mid-size business owners, I highly encourage you to check out the following sites and blogs (in addition to this one), which many (most?) of you may not be familiar with, but should be:

Making It Legal: The Small Business Mentor’s Guide to Entrepreneurship and Law, run by attorney and entrepreneur Nina Kaufman, who also runs Ask the Business Lawyer.

The “Betty” Factor, a “Conversation About All Things Marketing Related,” run by marketing guru David Politis.

Ecommerce-Guide.com, a publication near and dear to me (I’m a contributor) and your one-stop shop for all things e-commerce related.

SmallBusinessComputing.com, another great resource for small and mid-size business owners looking for tips, tools, and advice re anything and everything technology related.

Duct Tape Marketing’s blog, run by John Jantsch, which features marketing tips, tools, and advice for small businesses.

While I know there are many — probably thousands — of great sites/blogs aimed at helping entrepreneurs and small and mid-size business owners, I have found these sites particularly helpful and easy to navigate, and I bet you will too.

However, if there is a site or a blog aimed at entrepreneurs and SMBs that is near and dear to you that you think others should know about, let me know via a Comment.

Wishing you all prosperity and success in the new year…

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