According to new research from Guidance, an e-commerce solution provider based in California, people like the websites they regularly visit to provide them with some sort of social interaction, whether it’s customer testimonials, consumer-generated content like product reviews, live chat, or a message board where they can chat or compare notes with fellow visitors/consumers. And social commerce isn’t just good for online shoppers/web surfers, it’s good for business, especially now when market share and distinguishing yourself from the competition is more important than ever.

Over the past few years, larger e-tailers have realized that adding social features to their e-commerce sites, à la the Amazon model, is a good thing — and that not doing so could actually hurt them, and sales. However, smaller e-tailers have been more hesitant to do so, typically because of the perceived cost and uncertainty regarding the return on their investment. But according to research conducted by Guidance (and others) “every business can benefit from having at least some social commerce, or social activities, on their website,” said Guidance CEO Jason Meugniot. And they are often more inexpensive and easier to implement than you think.

To find out how you can easily and inexpensively make your site more social/sociable, check out my new article, “Social Commerce Strategies for Small Online Businesses,” and larger ones too, which was published on Ecommerce-Guide.com, a great resource for all things e-commerce related.

And if you have any additional tips or advice re social commerce, or need some help finding someone to help you make your site more social, leave me a comment or send me an email.

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