Posted on January 11, 2011
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This blog post, on the importance of small business owners taking an active role in company videos, was written by Bettina Hein, the founder and CEO of Pixability.
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For many small business owners, getting in front of a video camera (even a little Flip) can be scary. Sure, you had enough courage to start a business, but performing on camera, on cue, that’s an entirely different matter. But as the owner — and face — of your business, it’s important when making a video about your company (or your products or services) that you take the lead. Here’s why.

You are the face of your business

As the owner or founder of a growing business, chances are you are the reason (or a large part of the reason) why people buy from you. While you can’t be everywhere, a video of you can. You don’t have to look like a supermodel or be able to act like a movie star, just be the person your customers know and trust. (If you’re worried about looking good on camera, check out this blog post on “How To Look Good On Camera.”)

Your passion shows

Video is the perfect medium to leverage the passion that you have for your company. If viewers see and feel that you love what you do, they will pick up on it — and will want to buy from you.

People trust you

Surveys show more Americans trust in small businesses than they trust in their church or synagogue. Your customers buy from you because they believe that you are being honest and straight with them. They know their loyalty is important to you and that you will respond to their questions or problems. That’s why you see so many owners of local furniture stores and car dealerships featured in those local cable TV ads. They know that being on camera helps build a relationship with their company or brand before you enter their store or dealership.

To demonstrate what I’m talking about, here’s an example of a video for a furniture store called Bernie & Phyl’s, featuring Bernie & Phyl’s whole family:

You don’t have to go it alone

What the Bernie & Phyl’s video shows is that even though you may be the face of your business, you are not the only face. And it’s good business to get others involved. Ask customers that rave about your product to say so on camera. And include team members that service your customers. For example, we recently created this super simple but polished looking team video that introduces our customers to the Pixability team. And it was a huge hit. (And I only had to be in it for a few seconds!)

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