Posted on September 25, 2012
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Thinking about starting an ecommerce business? Use this handy ecommerce checklist to make sure you set up your new small business properly.

1. Create an LLC.

2. Open a business checking account — and get a business credit card.

3. Trademark your intellectual property (your business name, business logo, and any product names).

4. Get a sales and use tax permit (or resale certificate).

5. Check out the competition and figure out how to set your ecommerce business apart.

6. Choose the right ecommerce solution (i.e., shopping cart) for your business — and the person who will be managing your ecommerce site.

7. Hire a good designer, photographer, and writer.

8. Provide succinct search-engine optimized (SEO) product descriptions that inform, not bore, visitors.

9. Make your site easy to navigate.

10. Include Terms & Conditions, Shipping & Returns, and Site Map pages.

11. Support multiple browsers and mobile devices.

12. Promote your business before you launch — but not too far ahead of your go-live date.

13. Purchase accounting software — and set up a chart of accounts before your first sale.

14. Have inventory on hand for your go-live date — and make sure you are set up to receive payment (i.e., have tested your ecommerce solution).

For specifics about each step, as well as helpful resources, check out my article “14 Essential Steps to Launching an Ecommerce Business” on

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