Posted on February 12, 2013
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The following is a guest post by Emma-Julie Fox of Pitstop Media Inc., a Vancouver company that provides SEO services to businesses across North America.

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Technically, marketing via Twitter is not difficult. You just need to compose an interesting 140-character (or less) tweet, include a link (to your website or a specific landing page), and a hashtag (#). Then, depending on how intriguing or exciting or relevant your post is, others will retweet your message or compose their own tweets with references to your original tweet — sending traffic to your website.

To help increase the odds of your Twitter messages, or tweets, getting retweeted and clicked on, follow these 10 simple Twitter marketing tips:

1.  Always say something interesting or post a question before any link. Links alone may be flagged by others as spam right away.

2. Shorten your links before posting them in your Tweet. There are free converters for this such as TinyURL and Bitly.com.

3. Use hashtags (#) wisely. Hashtags are instrumental for users to find other people who share their interests. The trick is to use a trending hashtag so that if ever somebody does a hashtag search, your post will also make it in the results. Or you can create a new hashtag and market it to become a trending topic.

4. Don’t sound like an ad by just talking up your business, product, or service. Rather, talk about trends or topics that your prospective customers (or followers) are interested in.

5. Use keywords that relate to your industry.

6. Reply to and retweet tweets from your followers and people you follow on a regular basis.

7. Promote others by retweeting and encouraging others to follow them.

8. Space out your tweets over the course of the day instead of posting them all at once.

9. If you have someone tweeting for you, make sure that person is very familiar with your business and industry as well as with Twitter.

10. Use tools and software that will help you monitor your Twitter marketing campaign, such as:
• TwitterFox – Shows Twitter feeds on a pop-up menu right from your Firefox web browser.
• Commun.it – Monitors the activities of your contacts, shows the trends (hashtags, topics, retweets, etc.) in your Twitter community, and suggests friends to follow and unfollow.
• Bottlenose – An elaborate tool that analyzes the activities of your followers, showing you recent posts, shared links, and trending topics, among others.
• Bufferapp – A scheduled-posting tool that posts your tweets on scheduled times. It also provides data about your followers, such as tweets, retweets, links shared, etc.
• Ping.fm – Lets you update not just Twitter but also Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn from the same platform, at the same time.

You can also do Twitter marketing traditionally by paying for Promoted Tweets or Trends.

Good luck!

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